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Servant Leaders International is a collective of local church leaders. We have come together to fulfill the Great Commission through Mentoring, Mobilizing, and Multiplying the ministry and leadership potential of the local church.  We equip the church with training, personnel, and other resources.


Creating effective relationships that grow the follower of Christ in his knowledge, character and skills


Moving men and women from spectators to participants, fulfilling the mission God has for the local church


Accomplishing the local church's calling to send out Missionaries and start New Testament Churches



Cam woolford

Cam and Kerry have served in missions for over 25 years. They have served in the United States, Mexico, Ecuador, and in Costa Rica, doing church planting, discipleship, and leadership training. Cam provides strategic and tactical leadership for Servant Leaders International. He has his bachelor's degree in Bible/Missions from Clarks Summit University in Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania, and his Master's degree in Organizational Leadership from Cairn University.

Church Planting

Richard Rudolph

Rich and his wife Julia have three children. They work in the southwest region of Germany as church planters. They have been in Germany since 2013 and work in the city of St. Wendel, where they started "City Kirche". Rich received his bachelors from Clarks Summit University and soon there after went to Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. In 2012 he received his Masters of Divinity. They continue to work in St. Wendel and are praying to see growth in their region.

Church Planting

David Carrel

David Carrel arrived in Brazil as a missionary with ABWE in 2008. He currently is church planting in Northeast Brazil and has worked with leadership training for seven years. He is married and has two cute daughters. David serves as the coordinator for Servant Leaders efforts in Brazil where his church is starting the training ministry.

Church Planting

Eddie Ferguson

Eddie and Sara Ferguson are partnering with Living Rock Baptist Church in Paraiso, Costa Rica. Eddie has been a missionary in Mexico as well as a Missions Pastor in a church in Indiana. They bring years of missionary and local church experience to Costa Rica with the vision helping Roca Viva to raise up new leaders and plant churches.
Partnerships and Training

Daniel Doyle

Dan and Eirana have served in both local church pastoral ministry as well as missionaries in church planting ministry over the past 12 years. They have most recently worked in church planting in Managua, Nicaragua, and is serving as a family in a multiplication partnership in Cuenca, Ecuador.

Church Planting

Alex Soto

After finishing their internship with Servant Leaders Alexa and Lorena put together a team to plant a church outside of Managua, Nicaragua. Alex currently leads his team in planting Iglesia Bautista Xiloa. Alex is also involved in leading Servant Leaders training, helping multiple local churches in the greater Managua area to train up their men and women for local church ministry.
Church Planting

Stalin Ganazhapa

Stalin Ganazhapa and Jessica Tocagon have 3 children. They have served the Lord in different ministries for almost 15 years. They are members of the Renacer Church in Pifo, Ecuador. Before being sent to Chillanes, Stalin was named as one of the elders of his local church. God called Stalin to the pastorate and now to plant a new Church called La Gracia, in the province of Bolivar in the canton of Chillanes, Ecuador. Stalin studied at a Biblical Institute of the Berean Churches Association. In recent years he has completed his studies at the Instituto de Servants Lideres with Anchor University.

Vanessa Cordero

Vanessa has served as a missionary in Costa Rica, serving in Discipleship ministries and Biblical Counseling for children to young adults. Currently she serves in her home church, Iglesia Cristiana La Gloria de Dios in Cuenca, Ecuador as a Biblical counselor, working to train up others in the local church as counselors, and counseling a number of ladies, youth, and children in the community. She studied Educational Psychology, received her Master's in Special Education, and has her Doctorate in Biblical Counseling from Louisiana Baptist University.

Finances and Operations

Samuel Froese

Sam serves as the Operations Team Leader for SLI. He has led companies and executive teams in software development for over 20 years, and is responsible for the multilingual Ethnos2819 discipleship platform used by Servant Leaders around the world. He has also been on staff as a local church pastor and is involved in Biblical Counseling.

Church Planting

Jose Ochoa

José (Pepe) is leading a church plant in the sector of Misicata in Cuenca, Ecuador. He is bi-vocational and working part time. Pepe is currently studying for his M-Div. through Southern Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky. In the summer of 2020 the Ochoa family formally joined the SLI team, and are now leading the church planting effort. He is in need of financial support to further cut back his secular work hours in order to be able to give more time to evangelism, discipleship, training, and shepherding, and to further the Gospel in his community.
Church Planting

Ben Wachter

Ben and Mariia Wachter are currently raising support in the United States and plan to partner with City Church in St. Wendel, Germany. Ben previously worked as a missionary intern for three years in Germany with Missionsdienst Kusel. Ben and Mariia have a passion for the local church and have a vision to see local leaders and pastors strengthened for the work of the Gospel through discipleship and training.

Cris Torres

Cristina has a degree in Dentistry and has completed certificates in Biblical Principles and Ministerial Leadership. She has also been a facilitator of Biblical Counseling courses at Anchor Christian University for women. She is serving in her local church, "Iglesia Cristiana El Camino" in Cuenca, Ecuador forming the Discipleship and Biblical Counseling ministry. Her desire is to go to Spain and serve within the local church to form and strengthen Biblical Counseling ministries.


Oversight Team

David Graef

Dave serves as one of the Resource Team Leaders for SLI. He has served in various pastoral roles since 1993. Currently he serves as lead pastor of Heritage Baptist Church in Kentwood, MI. He as also served as a missionary in Costa Rica where he planted a church along with Cam Woolford. Dave has trained leaders in multiple countries and has a passion for church planting and leadership development.

Oversight Team

Ron Hayes

Ron is lead pastor at Midway Baptist Church in Southwest Michigan. Ron has been involved with Servant Leaders for over 10 years helping to train and support pastors and leaders through out Latin America. Ron also leads on our Oversight Team.

Ken Lowe

Ken spent many years in Portugal with his family church planting and training leaders. Ken is helping Servant Leaders to develop and expand local church based training.
Oversight Team

Duane Smith

Duane is the lead pastor at Sussex County Bible Church in Harbeson, DE. Duane is part of the Oversight team bringing many years of local church experience as well as partnership with Servant Leaders.
SCBC has been in a church to church partnership for many years with Living Rock Baptist Church in Paraiso, Cartago, Costa Rica.
Partnerships and Operations

Joe DePuy

Joe serves as one of the Operations Team Leaders as well as participating in training and mentoring for SLI. Joe and Heidi have served as a missionaries in Latin America since 2008. Joe has served in evangelism, discipleship, leadership training and church planting ministries in Costa Rica, Mexico, and Ecuador. He has his bachelor's in Bible/Missions from Davis College in Johnson City, New York, and his M.A. in Organizational Leadership from Clark Summit University.


Darwin Punguil

Darwin is pastor for Renacer Church part of the Berean Association in Northern Ecuador. Darwin is leading his church to send out men and women to strengthen and start new local church in needy areas of Ecuador. Darwin is involved in conducting Servant Leaders training both at his local church and online through our training platforms.
Oversight Team

Matt Watkins

Matt serves on the oversight team for SLI. He is a pastor/elder of Beacon Baptist Church in Clay, NY, a suburb of Syracuse. He and his wife Jessica have four children. Matt has his M. Div from Baptist Bible Seminary in Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania. He is passionate about local church health and church planting.
Oversight Team

Derrek Jewell

Derek serves on the Oversight Team for SLI. He also serves as the lead pastor at First Baptist Church of St Louis, MI. He has an MA in Biblical Studies as well as a Masters in Organizational Leadership from Baptist Bible Seminary. He believes strongly in the centrality of the local church in God's mission to reach a lost world.


David Soto

David Soto and Daysi Sáenz have served the Lord at El Calvario Baptist Church of Managua, Nicaragua. They were sent as part of a pastoral team with a plan to plant Manantial de Vida Baptist Church in Xiloa, Nicaragua. David has studies in theology, and is studying Ministry Leadership with Servant Leaders at Anchor University. David is the regional director over Servant Leaders training and Anchor University in Central America.

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