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“And let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works.” Hebrews 10:24.

The local church is the place where believers can help new believers grow spiritually through discipleship, we have continually come to consider that discipleship begins and ends when someone has believed in Jesus Christ as His only Savior, which is the essential part of the discipleship, what we do not consider is that this new believer comes with a baggage from the past, loaded with temptations and situations that will continue to be a struggle in walking as a new believer, which is why the local church is the most important organization to help process various situations the correct way.

On April 27, I had the opportunity to teach women who are part of the Biblical Counseling ministry and other women who are attendees of my local church, strategically chosen so that they can see biblically how Jesus Christ lived discipleship, from eating with the disciples (Matt. 9:10-11), while walking going somewhere (Matt. 12:2) and even when He had to do so by deviating from the path He should have followed to intentionally transmit hope to others (John 4:4-30).

I long for all of these women to be involved in formal Biblical Counseling ministry one day, in the meantime what better than to do it informally, discipling and investing in other younger women in their faith.

This was my last formal teaching within my local church before moving to Spain and seeing what God allows ministry-wise in this country.

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