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Three years ago, guided by divine providence, our family returned to Nicaragua after an internship experience in Ecuador. This return occurred in the midst of the pandemic and with the expectation of the birth of our first child, which generated some uncertainty about the future. However, in those moments of uncertainty, God revealed His perfect plan.

In May 2020, we experienced the loss of a dear friend and pastor, a victim of COVID-19. This sadness not only marked our lives, but also left a church without a pastoral leader. It was then that the Lord opened our eyes and hearts to take on the challenge of replanting this congregation on the outskirts of Managua, the capital of Nicaragua.

Joining us were David Soto and Ariel Palma, two men committed to the Lord with whom we had already shared a path of discipleship before our internship in Ecuador. This was the right time to come together, pray, and be sent by our church to serve as a pastoral team. This collegial leadership approach meant a significant change in Nicaraguan evangelical culture, where the traditional single-pastor model prevails. Despite cultural challenges, we are confident that the plurality of elders in the church is a biblical reflection.

When we arrived, we found only eight people attending church. We immediately drew up a strategic plan to effectively fulfill the task of the gospel. We started Bible studies in homes and went out to the streets to invite neighbors. For the first five months, we dove into a detailed study of what the gospel is. Without realizing it, the initial meeting place became insufficient, and we had to change location twice. Finally, the Lord, in His mercy, provided us with land for the church and the funds necessary to build an auditorium.

In these three years, we have witnessed how the Lord has added faithful brothers and sisters to His church. Our congregation, which deeply values the Scriptures, has experienced remarkable growth. Currently, around 50 people meet each week, being a church that loves communion and the Word of God.

At this time, the Lord continues to bring new families, and with joy, we have begun deaconship training. We rejoice in being part of God’s work and strive to remain a growing and multiplying church. As part of this push, the Lord is allowing us to develop ministry internships with men and women committed to the gospel and a desire to serve His Lord with their lives.

In summary, these three years have been a palpable testimony of God’s grace and faithfulness. We look to the future with expectation, trusting that the replanting work that has begun will continue to impact lives and expand the kingdom of God in Nicaragua. To Him be the glory!

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