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SPAIN:  Many of you have given to help our local church interns over the past few years. One of those interns is Cristina Torres.  She finished up her ministry internship with Servant Leaders in August and her local church in Cuenca, Ecuador asked SLI  to partner with them to mobilize her into missionary ministry in Spain.  Cristina has demonstrated amazing growth and gifting for local church ministry.  We have been working to help Cristina and her local church create a model for missions that will work for someone coming out of Latin America into Europe.  Cristina has her degree in Dentistry from a university in Ecuador and will be using this to help facilitate missions work in Spain. The model is based on a modified “tent making” ministry similar to the Apostle Paul.  She will take time in the first year in Spain to get certified as a dentist, enabling her to build bridges in Madrid as well as produce income for her ministry.

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