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God has been using local church internships in a great way.  One of our core values is a Discipleship Training Model -We believe that programs do not train leaders. Leaders do. We therefore follow the discipleship model for leadership training as well. Our leadership training incorporates all 3 components of leadership, which is best used in a one-on-one mentorship relationship: (a) knowledge, (b) skills, and (c) character.  Internships have created an amazing opportunity for our team to move beyond just knowledge based training.  It has created an environment where character is measured and shaped on the front lines of local church ministry. 

In November the Martinez family, interns at Iglesia Bautista Roca Viva, moved to Nicaragua to spend a few months of their internship in a cross cultural setting.  They will be learning from the Servant Leaders church planting team in Xiloa, Nicaragua.

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